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Printed Labels

Printed labels allow you to print your design directly onto certain materials and can easily been sewn in clothing, accessories and other textile items. Compared to hang tags and woven labels, printed labels are thinner and more delicate. 

Introducing our premium printed labels for clothing, designed to elevate your brand's image and provide the perfect finishing touch for your garments. Our expertly crafted printed labels allow you to showcase your unique style, logo, and care instructions with precision and vibrant colors. Made with the utmost attention to detail, these labels not only add a professional touch to your clothing but also convey the quality and individuality that set your brand apart. Discover the power of personalized branding with our printed labels, where every stitch is a statement.


Sampling - 3-5 days

Production - 2 weeks

* Digital layout approval before production 

* Rush Order available with additional fees

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